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N³ Innovation leads world-class corporations on a strategic journey to engage in external innovation and digital transformation to produce measurable enterprise value.



Emerging Trends & Strategy

Innovation and digital transformation start with an assessment and vision of emerging future realities.


  • Assess the business impact of emerging trends over the next 3-5 years

  • Create the focus for strategic opportunities, Corporate Development or M&A

How do I get started?

Scout and Explore

Competitive advantage is created by the early discovery of what’s possible because of market disruptions and changing business models.


  • Discover disruptive technologies rapidly being adopted by your competition

  • Identify top business challenges and capability gaps

Can I find the right startups?

Quick Wins WITH Pilots

Leading innovators are always learning and are able to bring others into the future with them.


  • Develop internal alignment and enterprise value with a ‘quick win’ action plan to test new capabilities

  • Establish corporate readiness for external innovation and transformation

How do I bring colleagues

Transformation at Scale

Successful companies create measurable value with structured pilots and concept testing to solve critical challenges that will result in transformation at scale.


  • Implement a sustainable External Innovation Strategy across the enterprise

  • Generate a steady-stream of innovation pilot opportunities for scale

How do I scale an external innovation program?



N³ Innovation believes that innovation is methodical and planned.  We work closely with our clients to execute an innovation strategy that produces quick-wins, builds organizational momentum and creates a reputation as an innovation leader in their market. We don’t share our clients’ logos and names on our website because it’s always about their business, not ours.


Why Us?

  • Established methodologies to help you successfully launch and grow an external innovation program.

  • Instant, scalable expertise to achieve your program objectives. 

  • Structured pilots with measurable KPIs focused on key business challenges and pain-points.

  • Collaborative tracking and real-time dashboards to simplify internal and executive communication.


Who Works with Us?

Corporate Innovation, General Manager, R&D, Head of Strategy, Corporate Venture, and M&A Leaders ...


In a recent benchmarking study, 60% of all companies are at the early stages of formalizing their innovation programs, including external innovation. External innovation is necessary for corporations that are in a competitive market, operate a long-standing traditional business, or have decreased the internal R&D budget.


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