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N³ Innovation implements external innovation and digital transformation programs that drive growth in the face of disruption for world-class corporations.

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What We Do

N³ Innovation implements innovation programs that are structured to drive growth for our clients.  Our system is based on a proven innovation playbook that produces quick-wins, builds organizational momentum and creates a reputation for our clients as an innovation leader in their market.


Upskill and augment your innovation team to fast-track measurable business results


Solve business challenges with valuable new solutions from commercial-ready startups


Reduce uncertainty and understand how disruption will impact your future - without the hype


Who Works with Us

Corporate Innovation, New Ventures, General Manager, R&D, Head of Strategy, Corporate Venture, and M&A Leaders. 


In a recent benchmarking study, 60% of all companies are at the early stages of formalizing their innovation programs, including external innovation. External innovation is necessary for corporations that are in a competitive market, operate a long-standing traditional business, or have decreased the internal R&D budget. 


Why Us

  • Proven methodologies to successfully launch and grow an external innovation program.

  • Instant, scalable expertise to solve challenges and achieve growth objectives. 

  • Structured pilots with measurable KPIs focused on key business challenges and pain-points.

  • Collaborative tools and real-time dashboards to simplify internal and executive communication.

  • Established network partners that support every facet of corporate-startup partnerships.