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Innovation Pushes Boundaries, Including Your Own

Innovation occurs when we move beyond the current “way of doing things”. We get comfortable and continue day after day doing things the same way. For the most part, it’s very effective and even though we complain about it, very little changes -- until it does! Taxi cabs existed for many decades before Uber invented a new way to get around town. Uber and Lyft both pushed boundaries. Before they existed we would never have been comfortable getting into the car of a stranger for a rid, if it wasn’t a licensed taxi or limo.

Innovation in the corporation breaks the comfort zone for “the machinery” or the operations of the business. They must be able to evaluate new technologies and see where their own boundaries are holding them back from creating new value. External or internal innovation requires that employees can see beyond what they do on a day-to-day basis, and a path to evolve from where they are now to the new model. This requires strong leadership, and cooperation from the CEO and CFO. It also takes people in the operation of the business to adopt and accept change, even if momentarily it’s uncomfortable.

As the market changes, the nature of competition demands that companies continuously evaluate new opportunities. Leading corporations seek rapid advances in technology to evaluate innovation from the core to the marginal practices of the business. Employees and the leaders of the organization need to move past what’s comfortable to create innovation that capture value in the marketplace.

N³ Innovation’s mission is to help corporate clients create measurable enterprise value by inventing the future. Clients have generated millions of dollars of revenue in new markets, with new products and new technologies.  


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