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Corporate Venture 
in 90 Days


You can start and run successful corporate venture program

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          Corporate venture program is an established company looking to partner and invest in startups. Companies like Google, Merck, and Coca Cola all have thriving CVCs that help them learn about new trends and technologies, make small bets before committing to an acquisition, and encourage innovative solutions to existing challenges.  Programs can come in different shapes and forms - strategic alignment


How We Do It:

Quick-Start Set Up

Launching a CVP can take years of legal work, hiring, and brand building.


We cut the timeline by 90%.

What you get:

Guidance for CVP formation and investment documents

Introductions to venture firms who will provide immediate deal flow

Low Risk Entry

CVP's often employe 2-4 full time investors and require fund commitments of >$5m. 


We let you start faster and leaner.

What you get:

Hire 0 new employees

Invest as little as $25k per startup


Pulling strategic insights from your portfolio companies takes time and has mixed results. 


We do the work for you, with proven success.

What you get:

Regular updates from your portfolio

Rapid Piloting startup technology to your business

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The Fastest and Lowest Risk Way to Start a CVP: 

         There are over 800 Corporate Venture Capital funds, with dozens more launching each year. Investing in startups is a proven way to look into the future, outsource R&D, get a feel for cutting edge technology and customer trends, and act quickly on changes. 

Our process lets you launch a CVC or Partnership and make your first investment of as little as $25k in 90 days.  We'll help you with the legal work, due diligence, and post-investment strategy so that your firm can invest in and learn from great startups to improve your core business.  

Here is our recent blog post:

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