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Are you LEADING the market or TOO EARLY?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Interesting question… how do you know the answer? After all Artificial Intelligence was a “hot topic” in the 1980’s and now it’s back. Obviously it was too early then, and time will tell if it is again. The specific technology doesn’t matter to the fundamental question of timing.

Innovation Adoption has several components, as shown below.

Feasibility is the first step, but only the beginning. The others are important and cannot be ignored. Often we say technologies aren’t “secure”. What we really think is that it doesn’t offer enough value for me to be concerned about security. Amazon’s inside delivery is a great example; it offers so much value (my $200 shoes aren’t sitting outside my door for anyone to take) that we might think about security for a second and then decide that we can live with the gaps to get the convenience and peace of mind (a.k.a. value).

Autonomous delivery vehicles are certainly feasible, becoming more available. How do customer become aware of the option? Are the goods secured and delivered to the right person? Does it offer more value to customers and the business than a driver in a typical vehicle? What are the incentives to use this mode of delivery? Interested companies who are leading innovation will test and learn to design the right solution for customers. To know if you are too early, there will be gaps in too many points along the Innovation Adoption Model.

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