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Autonomous Vehicles in Today’s World

Autonomous Vehicles are quickly progressing and can be identified in stages.

Autonomous Vehicles are quickly progressing and can be identified in stages.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adopted the Society of Automotive Engineers' levels for automated driving systems, ranging from complete driver control to full autonomy. It's important to remember that the levels of autonomy describe the system, not the vehicle, according to Bryant Walker Smith, a top expert in the driverless cars world.  "A Level 5 automated driving system could be in a vehicle with or without a steering wheel," Mr. Smith explained.

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

Toyota announced earlier in January, their E-Palette Autonomous Mobile Concept for Retail & E-Commerce.  The interior of the e-Palette Concept is spacious to allow for a range of uses such as ride-hailing, on-demand retail and delivery. Mobile hotel rooms could be another application. Each vehicle will be purpose-built depending on its use.


It’s not easy to teach a car how to drive.  Take a ride with Mercedes Autonomous Test Drive @ CES 2018.  With sensors all over the car, it’s taking in tons of data that can be analyzed and help to teach cars how to drive, all over the world.   

GM President Dan Ammann and Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt explain what it takes from a software and hardware engineering perspective to make self-driving cars a reality – and how they're speeding us towards an autonomous future.

Earlier this week, Ford released it filed for a patent on an autonomous police car.   The AI-powered police car would be able to issue citations or pursue vehicles.   Infrastructure is being developed for IoT licenses plates and the ability to connect with driver, and verify identity.  

The smart parking system by Hikvision, is a robotic system that can park 500 cars at once.   Your car is on a pallet of sorts, and the robots park and fetch your car from the parking garage. 


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