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CES 2024 and New Trends in AI

Updated: Mar 5

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New Trend: CES 2024

CES is the most powerful tech event in the world. It showcases groundbreaking new products and innovations. Business insiders and tech professionals come together to learn and connect to make bold breakthroughs. CES is the only show that features exhibits all based in tech at one event. In 2024, the conference ran from 1/9 to 1/12. It offered new exhibits from companies such as Google, Amazon, Hyundai, LG, Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and thousands of others. 

During the week, many smaller companies present new products that they hope to enter into the market. They show the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home, and more. 

  • Over 130K+ attendees

  • 1200 startups with Eureka Park

  • 4000 exhibitors came to see what’s in store for the future. 

  • Over 150 countries, territories, and regions were represented covering 41 different technology categories. 

  • Out of all the registered attendees, 57% of them were in senior-level positions, such as president/owner, C-level executive, vice president, director, senior manager, and general manager. 

On the third day of the conference, Neil Trivet, the vice president of developer ecosystems at Nvidia, presented on a panel called ‘The Future of a Post-Hype Metaverse.’ It addresses a new wave of disruptive technologies that’s coming to give the metaverse a much-needed boost. According to Trivet, “We have the opportunity…to combine the immersiveness of spatial computing-which is where your computing devices begin to understand their environment in 3D-including you, your movements, your gestures and your language-with advanced networking, the global availability of networking and connectivity to the web.” The metaverse is one of many developments that will keep progressing as innovation moves forward. 

New Insight: New Developments in AI 

The conference has always shown new and exciting technology to hit the future market. More companies have decided to incorporate generative AI into many different products.

Here’s a list of several new products and innovations that’ll be launched in the future. 

1. Microsoft Laptop’s AI Key

Microsoft plans on taking a big leap in updating their laptops to incorporate AI. Sometime later this year, Microsoft laptops will have a dedicated AI Key. In Dell’s new line of XPS laptops, there’ll be a built-in Microsoft Copilot key. It’ll act as a generative AI companion to help anyone summarize documents, search the internet, or create generative images.

2.Lenovo’s Magic Bay Robot

Like all personal assistants, the Magic Bay Robot is there to help anyone on the computer. It’s an external expansion system that snaps images on a webcam or light module via pogo pins to the top of one of its laptops. It’s the latest development in Magic technology that changes facial expressions as it watches you from above the display. Lenovo hopes that this little robot gets a speaker and microphone to serve as a voice-enabled, AI-powered assistant. 

3. AI on Google’s Pixel Phones

Google hopes to utilize AI to upgrade their Pixel phones. These phones will have AI-powered features that can rewrite text messages in a different tone or move objects in photos. They’ll likely have powerful chips designed to process data on any device rather than storing them in the cloud. Like every other phone, they’ll work just the same, but the AI as a bonus. 

4.Rabbit R1

Sometimes, it gets tiresome to rely on apps to get whatever one might need. The Rabbit R1 is a device that’s designed to simplify tasks on your phone, like streaming a playlist, ordering takeout, or booking appointments, by removing phone apps. When pressing a button and ordering the R1 on what to do, the little AI digital assistant in a box will carry out your tasks without relying on any cloud-based apps. 

5.Samsung’s Ballie AI Robot

Samsung plans on introducing a new little assistant to help anyone managing their tasks. This AI robot has been updated with a new design, onboard projector, and AI features. It acts more like a pet in your house, but includes a projector that Samsung says can automatically detect the posture and facial angle of people in the room, allowing it to adjust the projection angle accordingly. 

6.HP Spectre x360 14

Everyone loves a new updated laptop. This version is an AI laptop with Core Ultra chips designed to handle workloads more efficiently than previous chips. It has a low-power, dual-core designed to handle minor repetitive tasks to free up any data for heavier lifts and extend battery life. It has AI detection in image and video editing to blur backgrounds or reduce background noises during voice calls.  

Some people have wondered what it would be like to step into the world of their favorite video game. X-Real plans on making that dream a reality. These glasses are a 120-inch full HD 1080p screen with two micro projector glasses that makes you feel immersed in the game that the player is in. It can connect to an Xbox, PlayStation, a Switch, an Asus ROG Ally, a Steam Deck, iOS, Android, Mac, etc. It’s powered from the original source device with sensors full of 3D spatial computing. 

New Action: How can you get involved 

Generative AI has proven to showcase many different possibilities for products and innovation. There are an endless number of ways to satisfy and engage with customers. From AI personal assistants or micro projector glasses to immerse any gamer, these products show how to utilize AI to connect with their target audience. They not only help make daily life easier, but they show what AI’s benefits are to delivering on consumers’ needs. Whatever the goal, companies shouldn’t be hesitant to take any risks when it comes to AI. They must take advantage of it while it still lasts. 

  1. CES has shown plenty of new products that highlight products using AI to engage with their customers. 

  2. Some of these products show how AI can be used to make daily life easier, such as working as a personal computer assistant. 

  3. Companies should utilize AI more to advance certain products and improve on any old inventory. 

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