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Creating An Innovation Roadmap

Updated: May 6, 2021

It seems like Burger King, KFC, and Dunkin’ Donuts were able to jump on the meat-less trend very quickly. More likely, the time it took “behind the scenes” was significant. The menu team, food science, marketing, and in-store testing would have all been involved in the strategic planning that makes announcements like these possible. 

N³ Innovation works with corporate teams who are responsible for developing long term strategic plans or innovation roadmaps. Innovation roadmaps must align to the overall strategy and are heavily influenced by market trends and availability of new technologies. Corporate teams don’t have a crystal ball to see the future; they are out looking at trends in the market so they can create the future. They are looking closely at startups that are setting the pace of innovation in the market, for their company and the competition. 

Recently, the supply chain team from a corporate client came to Silicon Valley to get a glimpse of potential future startup unicorns. Seeing dozens of startups in just two days helped them to enhance and validate their own strategic innovation roadmap. Trends that were important included improving real-time operational visibility using IoT, collecting individual feedback from hourly workers in the warehouse, finding ways to deploy robotics to avoid unpleasant working conditions in a freezer or cold storage environment, and much more. 

N³ Innovation’s mission is to help corporate clients create measurable enterprise value by inventing the future. Clients have generated millions of dollars of revenue in new markets, with new products and new technologies.  

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