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Fulfilling Customers' Needs in a Contactless Environment

Updated: May 6, 2021

During the COVID pandemic, a salad bar seems impossible to offer to customers in a safe manner. Grocery store salad bars have been empty for months. Pre-packaged salad might be the way of the future. ShopRite and Chowbotics would like to disprove that depressing idea. 

ShopRite is creating a new vision: ShopRite uses robotics to offer contactless salad bar, published by Change Store Age. Other than making selections on a screen, the salad making is contactless, fresh, and personalized for each customer. 

"ShopRite is rolling out Sally the Salad Robot at a store in Carteret, N.J. Based on technology from food robotics company Chowbotics, Sally enables customers to create an individualized salad bar meal with a few taps of its screen. The fresh food robot contains 22 ingredients including dressings, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, as well as proteins such as chicken, eggs and ham. Sally can combine two main base ingredients, up to six toppings and a dressing to make a custom salad, grain bowl or pasta salad." 

To the outsider, it seems that ShopRite was able to offer the salad making robot at just the right time. Projects to launch innovative offers start months or years before they are really needed. This validates ShopRite’s approach and ability to anticipate the needs of the customer and the marketplace long before it’s critical. These are competitive advantages - offering the contactless salad robot AND the ability to innovate quickly leveraging startups. 

N³ Innovation’s mission is to help corporate clients create measurable enterprise value by inventing the future. Clients have generated millions of dollars of revenue in new markets, with new products and new technologies.  

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