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Innovation in computer vision

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Computer vision technology is revolutionizing the retail industry. It is one of the ways retailers are staying competitive in an industry that has seen incredible transformation through the rise of online shopping. With the always-on customer expecting a frictionless and instantaneous shopping experience online, computer vision technology along with a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning is paving the way in the retail industry to improve operational efficiencies and transform the customer experience.

Computer vision in many ways is all about pattern recognition. It works by capturing and processing an image and then analyzing the different components and patterns of the image in order to catalog it appropriately. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are then used as an effective method to take actions based on an understanding of the image which is accomplished through extracting common patterns represented from many labeled examples.

Computer vision is demonstrating that it has a significant function within many domains in the retail industry such as, visual search, facial recognition, inventory improvement, cashier-less stores, store security and shelf management. According to RIS, “3% of today’s retailers are utilizing computer vision technology. However, in the competitive retail market, 40% of retailers plan to either start or implement the technology within the next 2 years.” 

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

Sam's Club's upcoming test will enhance the Scan + Go experience with the launch of retail technology using computer vision and machine learning.


Visual shopping lets you use words and pictures in a new way to shop, discover and explore. If you see something that piques your interest while shopping, just tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the listing and start exploring similar items.

YOLO Multi-Object Detection And Classification


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