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Innnovation Advice

Internal or External

Early in the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology innovation moved out of big corporate R&D and into the startup ecosystem. Traditional markets are being dramatically transformed, fueled by resources from VCs, Corporate Venture, Startup Incubators and Accelerators. 

The ripple effect of technology innovation is pervasive. Autonomous vehicles will affect more than 30 industries. Advances in Artificial Intelligence will disrupt long standing business models and change our way of life in the coming years. We can hardly remember how business got done before cell phones and laptop computers. Today, we have all the information not only in the palm of our hand but on our wrist, and soon integrated into our field of vision. 

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

In this panel video, representatives from venture capital, startup founders, and innovation practices will engage the audience in new ways of thinking about growth through external innovation instead of internal R&D and incremental operational improvements.


Interested in learning more? The ACG San Francisco chapter presents Amie Gray and Adriel Lubarsky, Senior Director of Business Development at Udelv to engage the audience in a new way of accelerating enterprise value. The discussion will focus on the importance and simplicity of strategically partnering with Bay Area startups to protect and build competitive advantage. Any size company can deploy the approach without making million-dollar investments in risky and cutting edge technology. 

Register now to attend this event held on February 13th


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