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Self Driving Cars are Breaking the Mold

Automobiles have been virtually the same for over a hundred years.  Safety, performance and fuel economy have been the driving force for change in the industry, until now.  New technologies and innovation will be changing cars, our driving habits and many industries.

  • Consider the more fuel efficient or electric cars, how will this affect our garages, gas stations, and cost of transportation?  

  • Do you recharge your own battery or switch out to a new one, in a totally autonomous “drive thru” battery station?

  • Do people even need to own cars or will the CaaS (Cars as a Service) ride sharing be the norm?  

  • With built in safety features, do we still need crash proof cars, traffic lights, how about parking lots?

Generation Z, raised on technology may be the most accepting users of new ways of transportation.  The impact of driverless vehicles will be profound and affect almost every part of our lives. For example, consider these 73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks.

Now is the time to Invent the Future! Look at what’s happening in education today.

The Vision URBANETIC from Mercedes-Benz Vans is a visionary mobility concept for urban areas.  Separating the self-driving platform from the pod required for the ride. 


Renault unveiled the Renault EZ-GO at the Geneva Motor Show. Renault EZ-GO is a self-driving, electric car concept that can transport up to 6 people. It's basically like the future of Uber Pool or Lyft Line.

General Motors announced an ambitious proposal to remove steering wheels in self-driving cars. The automaker wants to build vehicles with open dashboards but the company will have to overcome both legal obstacles and driver expectations with the concept.

Why some say driverless cars won't just change the way we commute, but the way we live. New technology is allowing urban planners to start looking ahead, including narrow the roads and expanding the public space.  

The Smart Urban Park System is similar to smart parking system we've seen recently but out of sight with multiple entrances and exits. This is exactly what we need for cars and bikes in all major cities.


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