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Case Study: Pilot to monitor cold chain logistics

Updated: May 6, 2021

In general, food waste is a multi-billion dollar problem for the food industry as a whole. Monitoring cold chain logistics is critical for food service companies and there are new ways to tackle the problem. A client of N³ Innovation needed a solution to monitor food cargo while in transit or storage at suppliers, distribution centers (DC’s), and restaurants in the supply chain.

N³ Innovation designed a startup pilot to test a real-time, in-transit technology that provided temperature logging and monitoring. From the beginning to end of the supply chain, IoT trackers gathered data used to alter and continuously improve the product journey. The solution allowed for the capture of real-time data analytics and complete cold chain visibility which was not possible before.

The results of the initial pilot test included identification of unexpected delays, unusual cooling patterns in transit, as well as unacceptable storage temperature variations. These issues were all immediately corrected by having the exact data and ample communication between suppliers, DC’s, and transportation partners. Best practices and SOP’s were developed throughout the pilot and will be used going forward across the organization.

In the next testing phases, additional routes will be added to the test and enterprise roll-out is being discussed.  Knowing detailed information such as temperature and location of food products results in the ability to control food quality and safety from origin to the time it’s served.

N³ Innovation’s mission is to help corporate clients create measurable enterprise value by inventing the future. Clients have generated millions of dollars of revenue in new markets, with new products and new technologies.


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