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VR Gifts for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic will be changing the way we prepare and celebrate the holidays this year. Our lives have become virtual; our work, school and now holidays may be a virtual experience.

Holiday shopping will no longer be in-store doorbuster deals, but instead, month long cyber deals. Shopping has already started and finding that perfect gift will be a web search for the best pricing, shipping options and return policies. E-commerce companies are using new technologies to capture their audience and increase sales. Using AR or VR to help you try on clothes, lipstick or placing items in your house as on the rise. IBM's U.S. Retail Index estimates that the pandemic hastened a shirt from in-person shopping to digital shopping by at least five years.

The CDC has provided guidelines to follow for gatherings so people will need to be open and creative on how they continue traditions and create new ones. After a long time without socializing, people are leaning towards gifting experiences or items that will bring people together.

Virtual Reality equipment is quickly becoming less expensive and more accessible. VR would be a great choice for the holidays of 2020. Beyond headsets and games, VR can offer Virtual Experiences or Virtual Vacations. VR isn’t just for the kids, with a $400 VR headset you can go on an African safari, or scuba diving, or visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt. TravelMag has identified the 10 best VR travel experiences.

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