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A Gift Guide for AI Tech Lovers

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New Trend: Finding the Perfect Gift

The holiday season is here and it’s time to get started on that Christmas shopping. It can be hard to find that perfect gift because there might not be enough options for the person in your life who already has everything. What if you’re feeling uncertain about what to get for your friends or family? Don’t worry. There are so many possibilities to take when gifting our presents with special AI features. They not only make daily life easier, they can be fun and rewarding for anybody. You can either play games with your best friends or add features to make your home feel special. Regardless, these gifts will help revamp anyone’s lives to get them ready for the new year.


New Insight: 9 Ideas to Help You Find What You're Looking For

AI has proven to be quite a dominating force over the past year. Many shoppers might want to turn elsewhere, considering the prices of some AI-powered products. Perhaps you don’t want to get anything too expensive based on your Christmas shopping budget. On the other hand, these gifts can be the best presents anyone might receive. They can save you a lot of time, be productive, and otherwise entertaining to have. Depending on the purpose, they can deliver in giving you the best results without any issues.

There are so many items to choose from including AI-powered versions of the things you already know and love. Here are nine ideas to check out.

1. AI-Powered Personal Assistant

Do you or your friend need some help in their day-to-day tasks? The AI-powered personal assistant would be great in managing your tasks. Whether it’s to set a timer or provide you any updates, it’ll be there for you whenever you need it. The most popular AI-powered personal assistants are Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. Whichever one suits you best, a virtual personal assistant can help you out in managing your daily chores without feeling like a burden.

2. AI-Powered Smart Home Devices

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Perhaps, it’s time to get some smart in-home devices to help you manage the comfortability and security of your home. With AI-powered smart home devices, they can allow you to control your home’s temperature, lighting, and home security with just a voice command. Of course, the most popular is the Nest Thermostat, which controls your home’s temperature. When adding or detecting the temperature, it can easily set it for you within a couple of minutes. You can also get the Ringing Doorbell to see if any visitors are at the front door. If you’re looking to include some unique features to your home, perhaps check out some smart home devices to make your home the perfect living space.

3. AI-Powered Fitness Tracker

Maybe you or your friend are looking into getting some fitness done by the start of the new year. It’s never too late to get started, which is why an AI-powered fitness tracker would be an excellent choice. It tracks your daily activity, monitors your heart rate, and tracks your sleep patterns. It’ll tell you all you need to know in order to stay healthy and get in shape. The most popular is the Apple Watch, but you can also get the Fitbit. It has various different kinds of watch where you can pick out the perfect one that suits you.

Do you need a webcam to prevent you from procrastinating? The Osbot is a webcam that uses AI to track your face and automatically pans to keep you in focus on whichever direction you might fidget or learn. It uses an algorithm to motorize gimbals to spot your face and then physically rotate and dip the welcome to keep you centered in video calls. The Tiny PTZ 4K has a nifty feature to shoot up to 4K video or 60fps at 1080p. It can even recognize hand gestures to serve as shortcuts for various actions, such as holding your hand out registers you as “target” for the camera to follow. It also has added benefits that include configuration key for optical zoom, tilt, and so much more.

Playing by yourself isn’t fun, so getting Smart Four might be exactly what you need. It’s a 3D AI-powered four-in-a-row game where two opponents square off in a race to line up four pegs on a 5x5x5 board. If there’s no human opponent, then Smart Four’s AI takes over and fiercely competes with you for dominance in three levels of difficulty. According to Giiker, it’s a game that encourages cognitive skill-building, particularly spatial thinking, pattern recognition, and strategic planning.

Have you or a friend been looking to try some new skincare products? Proven uses AI to figure out which skincare or fragrance ingredients might be appropriate for any customer. Potential buyers answer a survey with questions relating to age, ethnicity, skin type, and skincare priorities. Their product-ingredient-matching algorithm is trained on user reviews for skincare and scent products from around the web along with a subset of relevant peer-reviewed academic papers. Its most popular products are personalized cleaner, day moisturizer, night cream, day eye cream, and night eye cream. If you’re looking for products that will help your skin, then this is the best option to take.

If you’re looking to update your electric toothbrush, then perhaps you should try the smart toothbrush. It works the same as any other toothbrush, but gives vibration movements to remove any gunk in between your teeth. It has a different color lighting and each light on the brush performs different functions. Its modes include brushing hard, light, or keeping your gums protected from germs. Smart Toothbrush has various options for you to choose on their website.

Going about the day can be hard sometimes, but The Brain Sensing Headband can be just the thing to get you through. It serves as a personal mediation assistant that measures the state of your mind. If you just want to relax or be active, it will translate signals into suggesting sounds. It uses biofeedback to help you stay focused during the day and recover overnight. It’s a great motivator to help you go about your daily life and help you unwind at the end of the day.

When it comes to the most competitive games in the world, you would want to play it with another competitor. Luckily, Smart AI Chessboard might be exactly what you need to play with other opponents from all over the world. It has AI chessboard pieces that move independently through its robotics sensor. It doesn’t matter where you or your opponent are. You both can square each other off during various rounds and have fun doing so.


New Action:

The holiday season might be stressful for anyone looking to find the perfect present for their friend or loved one. Perhaps, you’re not sure about what you might get for this year. Depending on your budget, there’s nothing wrong with getting an AI powered gift that can help make life run smoother. You could be looking for ways to make your errands seem more manageable or find fun games to play with your friends or family. Maybe you want to update your house or treat a friend with some special new skincare products. Ultimately, what matters is the thought put into the gift and what it could mean to the receiver.

  1. Finding the perfect gift can be hard, but the best kind of gifts are the ones that will benefit their life.

  2. AI-powered products can be fun and productive gifts to help make your life and those of your loved ones worthwhile.

  3. There are so many possibilities to take when shopping for AI-related presents. On the other hand, it’s the meaning behind a gift that should matter more than anything.

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