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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Impossible Meat, Beyond Meat, Lightlife…  they are all in search of replacing the traditional meat based protein with a plant based alternatives.  While veggie meat products have been around for decades, this new veggie meat that looks, cooks and tastes like real meat is still in its infancy.  It’s breaking barriers and into mainstream much faster than anyone predicted. According to the Washington Post, the total market value has surged to $4.5 billion, that’s a fraction of U.S. cattle production alone, which accounted for $67.1 billion in cash receipts in 2018.  

National restaurant chains are now re-examining their menus and taking the risk to offer these products. And it’s not just burgers, Kentucky Fried Chicken tested plant based fried chicken and sold out in less than 5 hours.  Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling out a plant-based sausage chainwide and Ikea is developing plant-based swedish meatball recipe. The seafood industry is also working towards plant-based and cell-cultured products.  

Consumers are more aware and are willing to pay a little more for alternative meat. But it's a gamble if the trend will continue to grow and if the suppliers can keep up with the demand for product.  

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

The original Impossible Burger was launched in 2016, but they didn’t stop there .  The next day they started making it better. They launched a new Impossible Burger — tastier, healthier and better in every way.


Plant-based meat is gaining traction among carnivores and vegans alike. Here's what the Beyond Meat hype is all about.

KFC is introducing chicken-less nuggets, making it the first fast food chain to do so. ‘The miracle chicken’ product.

Dunkin' has decided to get into the plant based meat game. On Wednesday, the coffee chain launched a Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich at about 160 locations in Manhattan.

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