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Contactless Business

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Coronaviruses are thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets, however it can live on surfaces for a short period of time.  How can you protect your employees, your customers and your business from this unseen enemy?  With no contact or contactless.  

Contact can be physical or a social interaction with a person or an object. No-touch tech will be the key to reopening business, by providing alternative methods of ordering, payment, delivery and services.  

“Eateries are rolling out digital menus and app-based ordering systems to keep diners safe.  Fast food could look very different: a McDonald’s in the Netherlands is testing out meal trolleys and thinking about table service. And a table-booking system will be tested at one of Italy’s Burger King restaurants” 

Hospitality Technology reports: “One way to implement a contactless solution is by allowing hotel guests to do everything, from holding valet tickets and controlling elevators to changing the television channel, room lights, thermostats and ordering room service, via their cell phones.“  By reducing the touch points within a hotel, specifically the room, it will increase the safety of travelers and ease any hygiene anxiety. 

The world is embracing innovation; technology that seemed to be too far in the future, now has a real place in business.  

Now is the time to Invent the Future!


The hospitality industry is hoping that contactless technology will reduce COVID-19 transmission and make guests feel safe.

A contactless temperature screening device is being used to reduce the risk of virus exposure for anyone entering Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

A mall in Thailand replaced push buttons with foot pedals in its elevators to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Fast food chain KFC has opened its first restaurant with a fully-automated food collection system in the Russian capital, Moscow. The company hopes the system will allay social distancing fears during the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada’s first fully automated restaurant is coming to downtown Toronto. Richard Southern gets a sneak peak inside Box’d.


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