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Disruption Creates Opportunities to Innovate

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The impacts of Covid-19 on all business are causing a wide range of disruption. It is a time to accelerate innovation projects that solve unfolding business challenges. Any change in the external environment or internal operations becomes not only a threat, but an opportunity to transform and innovate. 

One way an Innovation team can partner with a business stakeholder to help define a clear business problem statement is through engaging in a Design Thinking exercise. The Design Thinking process helps teams immerse themselves in the current reality of their situation, brainstorm and prioritize new ideas and ultimately build a plan to apply the key solution to the real world. Building the plan is an important and final step in the Design Thinking process as it clearly defines the business problem statement and provides a distinct roadmap to produce outcomes in a new reality. 

Travel, retail, restaurants, healthcare, and many other industries are dealing with a new reality, suddenly and unwelcomed. As a result, new technologies are being applied creatively and quickly. We are taking a moment to notice a wide range of innovations that will carry us into the future. 

Now is the time to Invent the Future!


3d-printed Valve Turns Snorkeling Mask Into Ventilator For Coronavirus Treatment, And The Design Is Online For Free. [Link]

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts stores are mobilizing customers to pitch in with coronavirus relief by distributing free kits to sew face masks and gowns for hospitals and healthcare facilities. [Link]

The Benefit of Telehealth During the Pandemic.  The hope is that the restrictions on telemedicine for insurance coverage will be loosened and hospitals will be able to continue doing it long-term. [Link]

Delivery Services have become essential as consumers globally have been either mandated to stay home or voluntarily chosen to do so, many have been ordering in. [Link]


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