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Facial Recognition Controversy

Facial Recognition Technology is more controversial than ever before. While it’s helpful when Facebook automatically tags our friends and our face unlocks our phone, privacy and incorrect identification continues to raise concerns.

The use of facial recognition by law enforcement is essentially unregulated. A San Francisco tech industry critic and member of the city’s Board of Supervisors, wants the city to totally ban its agencies from using facial recognition technology. Similar ordinances are already in effect in other nearby California cities.  

Companies are using the technology to gauge gender, age and mood as you look at a digital advertising billboard. Amazon, Microsoft and Google are asking congress to get involved with facial recognition technology. Michael Punke, of AWS said they, “support the creation of a national legislative framework covering facial recognition through video and photographic monitoring on public or commercial premises.”

If you’ve considered facial recognition technology for your company, keep a close eye on California and Capital Hill.

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

Watch how China uses facial recognition technology in public restrooms to prevent people from taking too much toilet paper;  jaywalkers are identified, then publicly shamed on a digital billboard. Plus unmanned stores that uses facial recognition software to admit shoppers and let them make payment easily.


Was the Facebook 10-year challenge a way to mine data for facial recognition? Facebook claims they were not using the photo challenge to collect data; The Hill cybersecurity contributor Morgan Wright weighs in.

Customs and Border Protection used new facial recognition technology to arrest a man trying to enter the U.S. Illegally, the agency said Thursday. The system compares photos in passports to the faces of people presenting them.

Facial detection digital signage (also known as audience analytics, audience measurement or face recognition digital signage) can generate viewer for profiles of the people standing in front of a camera. Facial recognition digital signage can also tell you the age range, the emotions and lastly, it can tell you how long the person's interaction time was


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