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New Tech for your Holiday Shopping List

Are you looking for something new, innovative and interesting for the holidays? 

Last Friday, American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours. That marks a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with Black Friday 2016, according to data from Adobe Digital Insights.   Even more impressive is that 12 out of the 15 most popular items purchased on cyber Monday were tech gadgets.   

Are you looking for something new, innovative and interesting for the holidays?  Take a look at these interesting gift ideas. 

Sony is releasing a new and improved version of its Aibo robot dog 11 years after its launch. This time, Aibo has some new features, including an app that lets you download tricks and games. Sony says Aibo’s behavior is adaptable, with the dog seeking out owners, learning what makes them happy, and gradually growing accustomed to wider environments. It uses deep learning technology to analyze the sounds and images coming through Aibo’s array of sensors, and uses cloud data to learn from the experiences of other Aibo units and owners.  


Tovala, your new personal chef.  Pick your meals each week, they show up at your door pre-prepped, ready to be cooked.   Put the meal in the Steam Oven, scan the barcode and press start.   Enjoy!

VR headsets passed the 1 million shipments for the first time in a single quarter.  Here is a Top 5 VR (Virtual Reality) Headset Review you MUST WATCH before you buy.

XYZ printing’s da Vinci Mini 3D printer, featuring wireless connectivity, auto-calibration, an aluminum print bed, and a large build size, the da Vinci Mini is the perfect 3D printer for any home, classroom, or office.

FoldiMate, the robotic laundry folding machine, will easily fold your clothes into neat piles, ready to put away. Folding an entire laundry load with FoldiMate only takes a few minutes, and it’s so simple and fun to operate that your kids will be fighting over who’s FoldiMating.


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