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New Technologies in the Marketplace

Updated: May 6, 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is unleashing a rapid succession of new technologies into the marketplace. Our clients often talk about new capabilities using a list of technology names. The buzzwords and jargon can be hard to follow. We thought it would be helpful to layout how the technology works together in a simplified diagram.

On the top half of the diagram, there are systems and technologies that increase the data available to help with the locating, tracking and managing assets. The value of the data is the accumulation, but the amount of data becomes too much for a human brain with typical spreadsheet or database tools to manage. That’s where AI and Machine Learning can help companies make better use of the data, creating dashboards for real time action, interacting with vendors, and increasing the velocity of corrective actions when needed.

We help clients understand the landscape of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Contact us to learn about new technologies that can improve your business.


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