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Skip the checkout line with Scan and Go Technologies

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Retailers and supermarket chains are looking for ways to create a better customer experience and to ultimately compete with Jeff Bezos’s e-commerce giant, Amazon. Consumers have been trained to use the self checkout counters, allowing one associate to oversee several registers.  Now, different scan-and-go solutions are providing an opportunity for retailers to offer an experience that allows the consumer faster and more efficient shopping.

To stay competitive in the marketplace, retailers have to look for ways to provide diverse solutions to meet the demands of the customer. According to GPShopper, “48% of US internet users believe a scan-and-go technology would make shopping easier. And 43% would rather try scan-and-go than wait in a checkout line.”  Scan-and-go technologies add a level of control and convenience to the shopping experience for those interested in utilizing this technology.

In parallel, as retailers face rising wages, they are looking at ways to help workers be more efficient and free up time to focus on higher-value tasks. The Progressive Grocer outlines five benefits of scan-and-go technologies, which includes: increased basket rings, loss prevention, real-time interaction with shoppers, empowering associates and understanding store design better.

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