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Supply Chain in the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, Supply Chain Innovation is about process improvements at a new level that has never before been achieved or thought possible. Almost every business buys, transports, and tracks goods, and attempts to perform these actions in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.  

Blockchain, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT have great potential in the supply chain industry.  Startups are making it easier for corporations to adopt these new technologies, test and prove the ROI. In the 2018 Kenco State of Supply Chain Survey,85% of supply chain leaders hope to invest in technologies that influence supply chain visibility.  Tracking and monitoring goods has been very costly to companies. Now, companies are able to pinpoint where breakdowns are happening, even discovering some they didn’t know were happening.

“Virtually all technologies and techniques that are currently being discussed within the scope of 'digital transformation' have an immediate impact on supply chain management – that is, procurement, production and logistics. … there is little doubt that these [new technology] developments will happen – sooner or later – and most experts agree that this will have a disruptive impact on how manufacturing companies run their supply chains." Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

Now is the time to Invent the Future!

Every day, the exchange of pallets is connected to a huge administrative effort among multiple supply chain members. More than 25 companies from trade, commerce, logistics, and academia are now putting blockchain to the test: The objective of the joint pilot project is to digitalize the pallet receipt and enable a new exchange process via blockchain. Blockchain could save costs and make transactions more efficient. The industry could be in for a quantum leap forward.


The incorporation of Vision-Guided Vehicles – a technological innovation that saves time and increases efficiency and safety alike – has optimized the work processes at the DHL facility in Carlisle, PA.

Mars and XPO collaborated on solving the challenges associated with package preparation while managing volume growth and retailers’ expectations. The result is an innovative and customer-focused approach that has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 million packages a year.

Take a digital tour of the innovation lab for supply chain focused around Industry 4.0, with Blockchain and AI.

Have you ever wondered what the future of logistics will look like? Let’s take a quick journey to the future and see how we imagine different types of transport and contract logistics services. We are sure that future solutions will contribute to the effectiveness of transport and make our professional and private life easier.


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