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Case Study: Supply Chain Logistics and Food Safety

In a restaurant or food service business, food safety is a top concern. Restaurant managers need to know quickly when equipment needs service or processes has not been executed as planned, so they can avoid putting food quality and customer safety at risk.

N³ Innovation collaborated with a startup and corporate SMEs to test a comprehensive cold temperature monitoring program using a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACK) compliance system. The client had been looking for a solution to decrease temperature variations within cold temperature equipment.

Using a real-time, Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring solution, an initial pilot test revealed unusual temperature history and threshold violations, equipment issues, and behavioral risks. The results of the initial test was repair or replacement of faulty equipment and retraining of employees where needed. A larger scale test and discussion of full enterprise roll-out are in progress.

Typically, temperature threshold violations result in large amounts of food spoilage causing the company to waste food inventory and incur financial losses in order to maintain food quality and safety standards. Although food safety and the health of customers cannot be truly measured, Forbes estimates that just one food illness outbreak can cost more than $2 million to fully resolve.

N³ Innovation’s mission is to help corporate clients create measurable enterprise value by inventing the future. Clients have generated millions of dollars of revenue in new markets, with new products and new technologies.

If food safety or continuous equipment monitoring is an important topic for your business, we are here to discuss your situation and goals.


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