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Exciting new technologies and innovations unveiled at CES 2023!

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New Trend: The Latest and Greatest from CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s biggest annual showcase for the latest technologies and innovations from major companies and small businesses. Typically held in Las Vegas, Nevada this year's show saw a return to normalcy being both maskless and in person. In addition to the 4 day showroom hosting hundreds of booths and notable brands, the event also hosts thousands of company representatives along with private conferences for innovators and collaborators. CES spans many different industries under the electronics umbrella showcasing more than 45 product categories.

Popular among consumers this year:

LG Signature Oled M3

Description: A revolutionary design, the M3 is the fist “wireless” 4K 120Hz tv featuring a stunning picture from a 3mm thin smart panel with adaptive speakers featuring only one power cord. The Tv comes with LG’s wireless Zero Connect Box that can be placed anywhere within a 30 ft radius that houses the normal internals of thicker televisions. [LINK]

Sony Project Lenardo

Description: This controller component to Sony’s PlayStation 5 aims to bridge the gap of user compatibility making playing more accessible for disabled gamers. Project Lenardo features a wide range of customizable analog sticks and button mapping with a flatter design that can be held or placed on a desk. Sony partnered with various gaming and disability groups like AbleGammers, Special Effect and StackUp to bring forth a design that would be more inclusive for those with disabilities. [LINK]

Citizen CZ Smart Watch PQ2

Description: The newest launch in Citizen’s Smart line, the CZ PQ2 features a new built in self wellness advisor that tracks and adapts to the user. This proprietary technology was developed with the help from NASA’s Ames Research Center and IBM's Watson Studio. Along with this new technology that monitors the body giving instant feedback, the watch also features a sleek non-smart watch look, sticking with the famous Citizen design. The watch offers over 24 hours in battery life and allows for users to switch to a classic watch face display for discreet usage. [LINK]

Apart from fan favorites, CES also showcased many new exciting products in the realm of corporate innovation. Here are a few of our favorites from CES, applicable to various different industries.

Innovation Favorites:

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i laptop

Description: Creating an exciting new twist on laptop innovation, the Yoga Book 9i from Lenovo showcases a pair 13.3 inch Olead 2.8k touch screens on top and bottom. Also included is an attachable keyboard, kickstand and stylist. Featuring up to 16GB of ram, 3 USB-C ports, and a 5 Megapixle camera the was designed with business in mind. Available in June of this year, the 9i allows for dual monitor workflow on the go allowing for easier project management outside the office. [LINK]

German Bionic Apogee Exosuit

Description: What was once only seen in movies is now a serious reality, the Apogee unveiled at CES, is an active lifting exoskeleton, all powered by a single 40 volt battery. The exoskeleton senses body movements relative to your position on the ground using AI technology and actively assists in the current movement, compensating for up to 66 lbs of force. The suit connects from your legs all the way to your shoulders using straps, with a primary function of protecting your back by giving support and active assistance. The Apogee stands out amongst its competitors by not only being incredibly smart but also incredibly light, weighing in at just 16.5 lbs. [LINK]

HTC Vive XR Elite

Description: HTC who is new to the XR scene announced at CES its newest product the Vive XR Elite. Weighing in at 625 grams, featuring Snapdragon XR 2 chip, 120GB of storage and fully charging in just 30 minutes the specs are quite impressive. The XR headset appears to be a sleek and enhanced version of their Vive Flow headset, but allows for those who wear glasses to adjust settings to enjoy with or without glasses on. This may change the game for a large portion of the population and could be a serious selling point for the VR headset with mixed reality capabilities. The Vive XR Elite is available for order now, with expected shipping in Late February. [LINK]

TCL RayNeo X2 AR Glasses

Description: What may be the most standout AR glasses to date, TCL brought us the RayNeo X2’s. The Augmented reality glasses look like ordinary glasses but may very well be out of a James Bond movie. The glasses host the world’s first binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide lenses which will now set the bar for all future AR glasses. Much like a smart watch the glasses will offer bluetooth accessibility allowing for calls and text to come right to your eyes. Innovative features like real time navigation as well as language translation will also be able to be displayed on your lenses. Launching at the end of Q1, expect RayNeo X2’s to hit the market some time in May. [LINK]

RoboRock S8 Pro Ultra Ai robot vacuum

Description: Announced as their new flagship product, RoboRock introduced its newest model in the S series vacuum robots, the S8 Pro Ultra. The Ai powered robot is an upgraded model of its predecessor the S7 with many of the same great features as well as new ones that directly addresses consumer wishes. Along with the docking system introduced last year with the S7 the S8 dock will now not only empty its trash and refill its water it will also wash and dry its mop pad. The robot will have a new dual brush system, longer battery life, and retractable mop and brushes for dust only or mop only modes and more customization inside the app. The S8 is set to launch some time in April. [LINK]

New Insight: What these new electronics could do and mean for your business

Taking a look at our innovation favorites here are a few notes on each of them.Keep in mind it is too early to definitively analyze the effectiveness each product will have in the workforce, taking into consideration the projected productivity increases each product could have will give your business a leg up.

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i laptop

  • State of the art design will allow for more creativity and work flow with the emerging more tech savvy generation as well as a more progressive touch screen focused population.

  • Allows for easier remote work which has become increasingly more popular weather for at home use or travel.

German Bionic Apogee Exosuit

  • For many industries like manufacturing, construction, shipping the exosuit could allow for better and faster quilty work.

  • The exosuit will undoubtedly cut cost on work related injuries by keeping employees safer from back related injuries.

HTC Vive XR Elite

  • Despite more and more companies entering the VR/MR/AR market, the Meta Quest has seemingly remained without a true competitor but may have one now HTC has now made their own version.

  • XR technology has a number of corporate applications like training, precision guidance and virtual travel. With more high quality products on the market the industry is forced to constantly upgrade and improve for the public like their new feature catering to corrective vision.

TCL RayNeo X2 AR Glasses

  • Breaking a long standing barrier with AR glasses being too bulky the New X2’s may be the first everyday use pair allowing users to use them for more then one set purpose in public.

  • These glasses have the ability in the workforce to allow true on the go communication as well easing employee travel with its navigation and translation technology, especially helpful with international business.

RoboRock S8 Pro Ultra Ai robot vacuum

  • When it comes to small stores or homes the S8 is the top of the market for Ai robot cleaners allowing you to cut costs on labor or time by allowing control and customized cleaning from your smartphone.

  • S8 can now have dual rotors, previously unavailable to all other robot cleaners due to a patent that iRobot (Roomba) held that will run out in April just before the S8’s release date.

New Action: How will I know if they will help?

Much like a larger company partnering with a start up (link to January Issue) , piloting one of these products for your company or personal use is a good way to measure its effectiveness in their early stages of the product being on the market. Being an early adopter can cost money and time, but can also have an inverse effect by allowing you to work faster and be more productive, while giving you a leg up on those who wait. The other option is to wait for the general public to get their hands on these products and test them for you, read reviews, or get intouch with a demo agent to make a purchase decision down the road. This option is great for technology that still needs to iron out kinks which can be a common occurrence, however, these products were displayed at CES for a reason, meaning by their companies standards they are ready to go.

If you're interested in learning more about CES and these technologies, we can help you evaluate the market and determine the best next steps. Contact us today!

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