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Voice Tech Gifts for the Holidays

OnVocal - The world's first wearable assistant, these wireless headphones are not only Alexa-compatible, but are Siri and Google Assistant compatible, too. The unit can block and display ambient noise according to preferences, features an advanced voice processor and is microphone and Bluetooth-enabled for calls. For busy professionals on-the-go, it’s a no-brainer — and it’s comfortable to wear, too.

C by GE Sol lamp - Widely considered the most beautiful Alexa option available — it’s like an Amazon Echo, but in a sleek 13-inch LED ring — the C by GE Sol lamp is praised by tech writers for merging form and function. In addition to the usual suite of Alexa features, this beautiful, centerpiece smart lamp includes a visual kitchen timer and clock, a time of day indicator and hue variation for a variety of lighting options.

Echo - Releasing just before Christmas, Amazon’s newest Echo is a small, clock-sized Alexa with a screen. Compact enough to place anywhere in your home, the Echo Spot includes the ability to make video calls, see video flash news briefings, see your calendar, view weather at a glance and set a photo background in addition to all the standard Alexa features. If your home is filled with Echos, it also responds intelligently from whichever screen you’re closest to. Talk about connected.

When in Rome -  The perfect gift for a friend who loves Alexa. Amazon's voice assistant is your host in this family-oriented two-player trivia game where you move figurines around the board and answer trivia questions about major cities around the world, collecting treasures along the way. Alexa guides you through the setup and gameplay.(Notably, the game's developers worked with residents of the cities to develop and record the trivia questions).

Pulomi TT - This super-compact device slips into your pocket or purse so you can translate anywhere, anytime. Download the TT app, connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth and instantly translate between 52 different languages. The TT uses a high-fidelity microphone to record the foreign language and then speaks the translation back, in addition to sending a text transcription to your phone. 

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